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This is a private intranet site for the Vashon Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Vashon disaster preparedness volunteers, VIFR and County personnel must register & sign in to access other site features!

For current event information, see the Disaster Resource links to the right. (Click headings to expand the sections.) Scroll down for a compilation of RSS feeds.

For Disaster Preparedness information see VashonBePrepared's or King County's site.

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VashonBePrepared + VIFR + King County = Vashon EOC

VashonBePrepared is a federally recognized, educational 501(c)(3) non-profit coalition of disaster preparedness organizations on Vashon -Maury Islands in Washington's Puget Sound region.

As the FEMA designated Citizen Corps Council, VashonBePrepared has a near virtual presence and mainly serves to coordinate our very active partner groups which harness the real volunteer energy around this issue.

VashonBePrepared has a real presence in many people’s lives - and potentially even more in the future.
VIFR  +  King County OEM
VIFR + King County OEM
VIFR + King County OEM
VashonBePrepared has no operational role during disasters.

Instead the Vashon EOC Team reports to Vashon Island Fire & Rescue which in turn works with King County's Office of Emergency Management.

King County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) works with Washington State's Emergency Management Division (EMD) and they with FEMA.
Vashon Emergency Operations Center
Vashon Emergency Operations Center
Vashon Emergency Operations Center
The Vashon Emergency Operations Center serves island residents before and during critical events as desired by Vashon Island Fire and Rescue in collaboration with King County's Office of Emergency Management

With many years of training and activations, we serve as a model organization addressing Vashon's unique geographical and logistical situation.

The Vashon EOC Team is a proud partner of VashonBePrepared - Vashon's innovative disaster preparedness coalition, the island Citizen Corps Council.